"EVROBROD" D.O.O. is a production company that deals with shipbuilding, manufacturing and mounting of the process equipment for food, oil and chemical industry including pipelines, manufacturing and mounting of the steel constructions in civil engineering, as well as providing of various services in the field of machine, mechanical and loksmithery works.

The company was established by engineers and craftsmen, who worked on various facilities and posts in their former companies. All previously gathered knowledges and experiences have become a part of the basic capital of "EVROBROD" D.O.O. With constant transfer of knowledge onto younger employees and the implementation of new technologies, we constantly improve expert and qualification structure of the employees.

We mark constant growth of the profits and increase of the number of satisfied clients, which completely shows the full potential of "EVROBROD" D.O.O.

From the very beginning, we have been open for every kind of cooperation and expansion of business partners in the country and abroad.